Islamic Knowledge Competition 2022

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Online Written Test (Age 8 to 13)

Online Test will be active from Saturday, April 23nd, 2022, 9:00 AM to Sunday, April 24rd, 2022, 6:00 PM

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Participants can start any time but must finish within 2 hours of their start time.

The Test is a random set of questions in the form of ‘Multiple choices’ / True & False / Fill-up the blanks Based on ‘General Islamic Knowledge’ of participants’ age,

Participants must study following study notes

And ‘Book of Manners’

Verbal Test (All ages)

Dates and Time will be announced soon …



Top Prizes

Group A: $50; Group B; $100; Group C, D & E: $200

Runners-up in each group: $25

Group A: Age 5 and below; Group B: Age 6 & 7; Group C: Age 8 & 9; Group D: Age 10 & 11; Group E: Age 12 & 13 (Age calculation is based on 1st Ramadan, 2022)

Participants have to Memorize suwar, duAa and Study Basic Knowledge of Islaam, The Qur’aan, Prophets, Morals and Etiquette based on their ages as suggested in “STUDY NOTE”