Quraan Tilaawah Competition 2022

Online Tilaawah Competition for Children

Connecting our kids with the Holy Quraan. Open to children up to 13 years old in 5 age groups

Easy to Participate from Anywhere, and it is free:

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What to Recite?

Participants have to memorize and recite any surah from the assigned surahs for their age group mentioned below.

However in case of a tie for 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize-winning judges may ask to recite any one surah from the following curriculum according to their age.

  • Group A: An-Nas, Al-Kawsar, Al-Ikhlas; Al-Asr (Mandatory: At Least 3 Ayats)
  • Group B: Al-Asr, An-Nasr & Al-Maun
  • Group C: At-Takathur, Al-Qaria & Al-Adiyat
  • Group D: AZ-Zalzala, Al-Bayyina & Ad-Dhuha
  • Group E: Al-Fajr, Al-Tariq & Al-Burooj

Group A: Age 5 and below; Group B: Age 6 & 7; Group C: Age 8 & 9; Group D: Age 10 & 11; Group E: Age 12 & 13 (Age calculation is based on 1st Ramadan, 2022)

It is easy to participate from Anywhere!

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Submit By: April 27th 2022


1st Prize

Group A: $50; Group B: $100; Group C, D & E: $200

2nd Prize

Group A: $40; Group B: $80; Group C, D & E: $150

3rd Prize

Group A: $25; Group B: $50; Group C, D & E: $100

Prizes are gift Certificates for Islamic Items