19th Annual MuslimVille Competition 2020


Competitions During Ramadan 2020

Al-Quran Recitation Competition

Online Qiraat Competition

Open to children up to 13 year’s old in 5 age-groups
Connecting our kids with the Holy Quran.
Encouraging to develop the talent of the Holy Quran recitation.


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‘Facebook live’ or ‘YouTube live’ video
Anytime between 24th April to 20th May, 2020

Ramadan Challenge Competition

Making My Ramadan Cool

Spend a TV-off/Screen-free week with more creativity and productivity.
Read Quran and Islamic books.
Do some Islamic projects.
Collect money in Ramadan for poor and needy.
Keep record of all your Islamic Activities.


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Submit Ramadan Activities Reports Online by 31st May, 2020

Competitions after Ramadan 2020

Islamic Knowledge Competition

Expand Your Knowledge of Islam 

Participants of this competition should study from the “Study Notes”. The study notes are different every year and customized for participants age. Each participants must undertake Verbal (for all ages) and Online (age 8 to 13 only) test.

Online Quiz (Age 8 to 13): The Test is a random set of questions in form of ‘Multiple choices’..

Verbal (All ages): Over the phone test. Participants will be given a phone number to connect the automated verbal test system.


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Final Verbal & Online Test In December 2000

Dates Will be Annouced Soon

Competition Ramadan-Zul Hajj 2020

Little Sadaqa Campaign

Let Your Children be Part of this Noble Cause!

Order A Donation Box (Free) 
A Nobel Campaign of Kindness by the Children for the Children 

Campaign Will Start from Ramadan and End in Zul-Hajj 2020

This is a program by the children for the children to encourage caring for others. Their collected donations will be used to provide food, shelter, healthcare, education and emotional support to orphans around the world. Their efforts are used to provide food, shelter, healthcare, education and emotional support to orphans around the world.


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Submit Online Reports
Starting from Ramadan and Ending in Zul-Hajj 2020

Group Details

Age calculation is based on 1st Ramadan, 2019

Group A: Age 5 and below; Group B: Age 6 & 7; Group C: Age 8 & 9; Group D: Age 10 & 11; Group E: Age 12 & 13