We Are Pleased to Announce the Winners of

18th Annual MuslimVille Competition

Little Sadaqa Campaign

Top Fundraiser During Ramadan

Hamna Muhammad &

Isa Muhammad

An Onging Kindness Campaign till Zul-Hajj 2019 (Aug. 2019) by the Children for the Children

Top Fundraiser During Post-Ramadan months:

To be announced on 16th Sept. 2019

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Ramadan Challenge Competition

Top Prize Winners

Group A: Hana Ebadurrahman

Group B: Aiezah Fahad

Group C:  Hamna Muhammad 

Group D: Jawwad Ahmed 

Group E; Fakaiha Zaheed 

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Al-Quran Recitation Competition

1st Prize Winners

Group A:  Abdullah Mohammad

Group B: Khadiza Binte Luqman

Group C: Umme Ayman

Group D: Kaylla Nadyne Elisaha Lesman

Group E: Fauziya Sumayya

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Little Sadaqa Campaign

A Kindness Campaign by the Children for the Children 

From Ramadan to Zul-Hajj 2019 (Aug. 2019)

 Top Fundraiser During Ramadan:
Hamna Muhammad & Isa Muhammad

Top Fundraiser During Post-Ramadan months: 

To be announced on 16th Sept. 2019


Islamic Knowledge Competition

Making Learning Fun for Kids

The aim of Islamic Knowledge Competition is to make learning fun for them.

Participants of this competition should study from the “Study Notes”.

The study notes are different every year and customized for participants age.

Online Quiz (Age 8 to 13) & Verbal (All ages) on 

August 24 & 25, 2019

Result To be annouced on 16th Sept. 2019


Group Details

Age calculation is based on 1st Ramadan, 2019

Group A: Age 5 and below; Group B: Age 6 & 7; Group C: Age 8 & 9; Group D: Age 10 & 11; Group E: Age 12 & 13