Ramadan Challenge 2022

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Prizes for the Ramadan Challenge

Top Prizes

  • Group A & B: Islamic Items ($50)
  • Group C, D & E: Islamic Items ($100)


  • Islamic Items ($25)


  • Group A (age 5 and below)
  • Group B (age 6 and 7)
  • Group C (age 8 and 9)
  • Group D (age 10 and 11)
  • Group E (age 12 and 13)

Age calculation is based on the first of Ramadan (April 2, 2022)

Remember to submit your reports online at register.islamiccompetition.com for all of the activities by May 1, 2022 to qualify to win a prize!


Report your daily activities in 7 days of “Smart Cool Week”: (20 points)

Spending a TV/Screen-free week

Chose a week in the month of Ramadan and be smart with your time! Limit your screen time and be productive in doing other things.

Challenge yourself to be more productive and do Islamic activities and projects. Plan to devote this week to your creativity, productivity and learning. You can devote this week to studying for the Islamic Knowledge Competition or make a project.

Register at register.islamiccompetition.com to register where you will have the option to submit your daily activities during Smart Cool Week. Please make sure to click the blue button called “Smart”.


Keeping a record of all your good deeds (40 points)

Keep track of all the good activities you do this Ramadan:

Each activity that you do is worth a certain number of points.

Submitting Report Online:

Maintain daily Calendar for reporting Quraan Reading, Islamic Book Reading, Fasting and daily Prayer (20 points).

Go to register.islamiccompetition.com At the end of every day. Click BUTTON Calendar Click in Boxes of the ‘Calendar’ for reporting:

  • Q for Quraan Reading
  • B for Islamic Book Reading
  • S for Fasting
  • F for Fajar
  • D for Duhar
  • A for Asr
  • M for Magrib
  • I for Isha.

Keeping daily report is worth (20 points).

Report your activities of whole Ramadan in details (20 points)

CLICK BUTTONS Activity Report. Report your activities in the whole Ramadan. Each activity that you do is worth a certain number of points.(20 points).


Doing Islamic projects (20 points)

You may do project alone or in groups with your other Muslim friends or with your brothers or sisters.

Make video presentation of you project and submit online.

Upload the Projects in Google Drive or any publicly available cloud service, and share the link in your report.

Submitting Report Online:

**Go to register.islamiccompetition.com and Click BUTTON Project. Enter the Link in the form

Participants can also email at [email protected] word file/ pdf file / pp file/ picture file of Project/Presentation/activities/any other Ramadan activity Report.


Reading Quraan and Islamic books (20 points)

This Ramadan read books, especially on Islamic Manners.

Select at least 4 books of your choice. Ask your parents/teacher to make a list of suggested readings on Ramadan.

For preschool & kindergarten children, parents may read the books to them & maintain the ‘Ramadan Reading Report.’

Try to read at least 1/2 hour every day.

Submitting Report Online:

Go to register.islamiccompetition.com.and Fill up the Ramadan Reading Report online.


LITTLE SADAQA CAMPAIGN in Ramadan (Bonus 10 points)

Campaign of Kindness By the Children For the Children

Submit Your Campaign Report of Ramadan 2022 & Get 10 Bonus Point

Participant’s donation of more than Canadian $ 100 (before Eid-ul-Adha) will be matched with $100, Insha-Allah!

Participant’s donation of more than Canadian $ 50 (after Ramadan) will be matched with $ 50, Insha-Allah!

Donations will be used to provide food, shelter, healthcare, education and emotional support to orphans around the world.

Submitting Report Online:

Go to register.islamiccompetition.com and submit Little Sadaqa Collection in Ramadan report: CLICK BUTTON Kindness and fill-up the forms at the end of month of Ramadan.