Smart Cool Week

Have happy 7 days in this month of Ramadan!

During this Ramadan, we suggest Muslim Families to spend a week as Smart-Cool Week.

The aim of the program is to focus on creativity, productivity and learning.

Another aim of the program is to reduce the amount of time spent with TV and Video game.

Television has become the single most dominant influence in the lives of our children and it plays a crucial role in teaching them western morals and behavior. The only thing that kids do more than watching TV is sleep. So do the so-called video-game.

Find out what other social and religious communities are working for ‘Children’s Screen Time Management’. Screen-Free Week / Children’s Screen Time Action Network

Help your family and children to cut-off screen time

Let your child participate in Ramadan Challenge Competition and choose a week for Smart Cool Week.

For Children in Family

Challenge yourself to be more productive and do Islamic activity and projects. Plan ahead to devote this week to your creativity, productivity and learning.  You can devote this week to study for Islamic Knowledge Competition.

In this week turn off of your television, do not play games on your devices or spend screen-time on your devices watching movies or shows.

Plan ahead to devote this week to your creativity, productivity and learning.

Plan to do extra good activities that week and make an Islamic project or artwork.

For example, you can:
• make a model
• make a powerpoint presentation
• make a computer drawing
• draw a picture
• write an article /song / poem / journal

You are encouraged to include a description of your project as well.

  • Submit Smart Cool Week Report: fill-up the form DAILY for the week of your choice in the month of Ramadan (7 days)Don’t forget to click Save button.
  • To submit Projects of Smart Cool Week a picture of your Project /Presentation /activities/any other Ramadan activity  and email picture(s) at [email protected]  You can send Powerpoint /Word file / pdf file.

For Adults in Family

Remember that kids always follow the adults in their family. So it is important that adults in the family reflect on their own level of screen time.

Discuss with each other:

– Importance of managing screen time.

– How screen time may impact children’s brains, behaviour and learning.

Be careful, Whether you give prime time to your family or to TV and/or Facebook will determine the future direction of your life and your children’s life.

“O ye who believe! Why do you preach something you are not practicing? It is of most distasteful in the sight of Allah that ye say that which ye do not” (Quran: 61:2-3).

Help your children plan ahead to devote this week for creativity, productivity and learning.

– Suggest them to make an Islamic project or artwork.

– Start listening to the Qur’an with your kids regularly.

– Let your kids read some Iskamic books.

– At the end of every day of this week, go to the Registartion section of this site and fill up the Smart-Cool Week Report.