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MuslimVille Education Center is a registered non-profit organization in Canada.  We are  dedicated to Muslim youth and childrens of all ages. We have one goal, and that is to please Allah, and no one else. We plan to help youths and children of the Muslim world to build an ideal Community, and help them to come closer to Allah.

In the year 2002 ‘MuslimVille Education Center’ introduced Ramadan Competitions for children of the Greater Toronto Area. Since then we have been organizing this competition every year and currently designed the program online in such way that children from different cities and towns from all over the world can participate in this unique Islamic educational program.

Over the years we have added some new programs, introduced more prizes for each programs and also make changes in the programs to suit the changing world of parenting.

MuslimVille Education Center is a Registered Not-to-Profit Organization in Canada

We are dedicated to Muslim youth and children of all age. We have one goal, and that is to please Allah, and no one else. We plan to help youths and children of the Muslim world to build an Ideal Community and help them to come closer to Allah.


Parents/Teachers/Adult Family Members of family/Guardians are responsible for registering children for the competitions.

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Annual MuslimVille Competitions 2020

Little Sadaqa Campaign

A Nobel Campaign of Kindness

By the Children for the Children 

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Starting from Ramadan and Ending in December 2020

Al-Quran Recitation Competition

Online Qiraat Competition

Connecting our kids with the Holy Quran.

Encouraging to develop the talent of the Holy Quran recitation.

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Al-Quran Recitation Competition Winners

Islamic Knowledge Competition

Making Learning Fun for Kids

Each participants has to go through  Verbal  and Online (age 8 to 13 only) 

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Final Verbal & Online Test:
24th to 25th December, 2020


Ramadan Challenge Competition

Making My Ramadan Cool

Spend a TV-off / Screen-free week / Keep record of all your Islamic Activities / Read Quran and Islamic books / Do some Islamic projects.

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Ramadan Challenge Competition Winners 

Feel Free To Ask Questions

I live in UK can I still participate?

The test will be online, so you can join from UK, no problem.

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Knowledge Competition is in December, can I register now?

Yes, you can register and start studying the STUDY NOTES. As the schools all over the word is closed due to Corona-virus pandemic and let’s utilize the time at home more Islamic Studies.

It’s a good idea also If you are participating in Ramadan Challenge Competition. You can get points under ‘Ramadan Study Activity’.