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To register your child, please connect with
Facebook or Google first.

To register your child, please connect with Facebook or Google first.

Register Your Children

Participant must have parental permission to participate in the competition and he/she must not be more than 13 years old. (Muslimville deserve the right to ask the participant to show his/her age proof)

In the process of registration parent/teacher/guardian should register himself/herself first. To register as parent/teacher/guardian  go to REGISTRATION PAGE. Please connect with Facebook or Google. Once you are registered you can enlist your children or students for the competition(s) of the years 2018.

After you registered your kid(s), Go go to ‘Members Area’  in our web page. Log in again the same way you registered your kid(s), (Means “Log in with Facebook” or “Log in with Google”)  (Contact us at [email protected] if you have any problem).

Now in ‘Members Area’ you will see all the kids you have registered. Note the unique registration number of each participants.

Only registered  parents/teachers/guardians are allowed to perform the required submissions for the competitions and/or log in of final test for Islamic Knowledge Competition.


Submit Al-Quran Recitation Competition Video anytime before 7th June 2018



Step 1: Make a ‘Facebook Live Video’ or ‘Upload Recitation Video in YouTube’ and submit the link.

While recording the video, make sure the description of  the video has the followings information and Hashtag.

  • Hashtag #muslimvillecompetition
  • The participants Registration # starting with MV (Example: If the ‘Registration Number’ is MV1810, then enter in full MV1810).
  • The participant’s full name
Step 2: Submission of video for competition

Register first. Go go to ‘Members Area’  in our web page after registration.

After you registered your kid(s), log in again the same way you registered your kid(s), (Means “Log in with Facebook” or “Log in with Google”)  (Contact us at [email protected] if you have any problem).

Click “Submit Recitation” button.
  • Please do not send us video through email. It is hard for us to download. 
  • Please ensure to submit the correct video link with required information. No requests for changing the link that is submitted initially will be entertained.
  • Multiple Quran Recitations video will be considered as separate entries and Muslimville may ask a re-enrollment fee per entry.


Ramadan Challenge Competition: Submit reports by 23rd June, 2018


 ‘Parents’ are responsible for maintaining and submission of reports

Click in the Green Button for submitting following Reports and fill-up the forms.
  • Activity Report 
  • Activity Calendar
  • Reading 
  • Smart Cool Week
  • Little Sadaqa (Report of Ramadan colletion only) 
For submitting Ramadan Projects: Take a picture of your Project/Presentation/activities/any other Ramadan activity Report
  • Click ‘Upload’ beside the kid’s name to open ‘Upload Center’.
  • Drag and pest your ‘file’ (in picture format) in ‘Upload Center’.
  • To see the uploaded items again click ‘View’ beside the kid’s name.
  • The picture file should be in picture format and should not exceed 20 MB.Learn how to reduce image file size with paint:
  • Learn how to convert pdf into picture format by visiting

If experience any problem in this regards you can e-mail ([email protected]) us and our web team will try to help you, but we expect you to upload your kids’ projects and fill-up the reports.



Little Sadaqa Campaign: Submit Report by 24th August, 2018
  • The campaign has started from Ramadan and will end in Zul-Hajj. At the end of each month of count the collected funds and submit the Little Sadaqa Report Form.
  • Click green button’ Little Sadaqa’ and fill-up the forms at the end of each month from Ramadan to Zul-hajj. Don’t forget to click Save button.
  • Pay the collected money online or Send a cheque by mail to MuslimVille, 66 Commodore Drive, Brampton Ontario, L6X 0S6, Canada or “ICNA Relief Canada”: 1-1620 Montevideo Rd, Mississauga, Ontario, L5N 3W5, Canada. When sending cheque do not forget to write “Little Sadaqa” as memo.
Islamic Knowledge Competition: Click ‘Start Test’ on 18 and 19 August, 2018

Verbal Test (All ages): Over the Phone

Click ‘Start Test’.

You will be given a phone number to connect to the automated verbal test system. Call the number between the above mentioned time. 

Online Quiz (Age 8 to 13)

Check your Internet browser for Online Test before the test. On-line Written Test requires Firefox/Chrome & Flash Player.

Click ‘Start Test’.

Participant can start any time but must finish within 2 hour of the start time.

The Test is a random set of questions in form of ‘Multiple choices’ and ‘True/False’ based on Study notes.

Log out once the test is done.