Ramadan Challenge Competition

Ramadan Challenge Competition

Making Ramadan Cool

This Competition was held in Ramadan 2020 

Jazakallah to all the participents and their family.

We Are Pleased to Announce the Winners of 2020

Top Prizes
Group A & B: $50
Group C, D & E:  $100
Runners-ups in each group: $25
Special Prizes

Alhamdulillah, although it was not planned before, we are announcing some

‘Special Prizes’ sponsored by Islamic Relief Canada.

May Allah Accept All Participating Families, Children, Well-wishers, Volunteers, Volunteers, Donors and Sponsors, Ameen!

Top Prize

Group A

 Hana Ebadurrahman

Group B

 Isra Ahmed

Group C

 Aiezah Fahad  

Group D

 Saad Khan

Group E

 Maryam Gbadamosi


Group A

 Aisha Jamil

Group B

Moosa Khan 

Group C

Saamiya Merali

Group D

Liba Hashmi

Group E

Jawwad Ahmed

Special Prize

Group A

Maryam Funmilayo

Group B

Ehsaan  Abdul Mohaimin

Group C

Maryam Khan / Saad Syed

Group D

Fatima Khan / Ijaz Ahmed / Samirul Huq / Yahya Lunat

Group E


The Competiton was Based on Participatations in The Following Activities


Chose a week in this month of Ramadan and withhold yourself from any screen-time.

Turn off of your TV, Netflix, Youtube, XBox you name it, anything you can use to waste your time.

Challenge yourself to be more productive and do Islamic activity and projects. Plan ahead to devote this week to your creativity, productivity and learning.  You can devote this week to study for Islamic Knowledge Competition, or do your Project.

Plan to do extra good activities in Smart Cool Week and make Islamic projects or artworks.

You are encouraged to include a description of your project as well.


Start doing some projects in the month of Ramadan.

You may do project alone or in groups with your other Muslim friends or with your brothers or sisters.

Make video presentation of you project and submit


Challenge yourself to be involve in more Islamic activities.

Activities you can do during Ramadan.

  • Five daily prayer on time.
  • Fasting.
  • Attending Tarawee prayer.
  • Reciting an Ayah of Quran
  • Reciting a Hadith
  • Reading Islamic literature
  • Memorization from the Quran
  • Memorization of Hadith
  • Memorization of Supplication/ Dua
  • Attending a day-long Islamic Program
  • Attending weekend school
  • Writing Islamic story/poetry/article
  • Volunteering in a mosque or any Islamic Program
  • Donating from your own money in charity
  • Drawing Islamic pictures
  • Preparing Islamic Posters
  • Learning  Islamic song/poetry
  • Islamic Story telling to younger brother or sister
  • Inviting a friend to an Islamic program
  • Visiting Islamic Web-page
  • Visiting a sick person
  • Helping parents for more than 1/2hour
  • Cleaning own room
  • Gardening 1/2 to 1 hour
  • Cleaning teeth at least 2 times

Keep track of all the good activities (Fasting/Prayer/Study/other good deeds) that you do each day for the whole month of Ramadan online.

Each activity that you do is worth a certain amount of points.



This Ramadan read books on the Prophets of Allah.

Select at least 4 books of your choice. Ask your parents/teacher to make a list of suggested readings on Ramadan.

For preschool & kindergarten children, parents may read the books to them & maintain the ‘Ramadan Reading Report’

Try to read at least 1/2 hour every day.

Download STUDY NOTES prepared for year 2020 by MuslimVille Education Center

Fill up the ‘Ramadan Reading Report’ online.


Participate in 


Campaign of Kindness By the Children For the Children 

Submit Your Campaign Report of  Ramadan & Get 10 Bonus Point 

Donations will be used to provide food, shelter, healthcare, education and emotional support to orphans around the world.

Reporting All Activities During Ramadan Is So Easy!


 Go to the Registration Page

Click BLUE BUTTON  Calendar  (20 points) Click in Boxs of the ‘Calender’ for reporting: Q for Quran Reading / B for Islamic Book Reading / S for Fasting / F for Fajar / D for Duhar / A for  Asr / M for Magrib / I for Isha

CLICK following  BLUE BUTTONS Activity Report (20 points) / Ramadan Reading (20 points)


Chose a week in this month of Ramadan and withhold yourself from any screen-time.

At the end of every day of “Smart Cool Week”, go to the Registration Page 


Fill up the ‘Smart Cool Week Report’ online.


 For Ramadan Projects (20 points)

Upload the Project in Google Drive,  ensure your google drive links are is publically accessable.

 Go to the Registration Page 

Click BLUE BUTTON Project

Enter the Google Drive Link in the form

 Participents can email us at [email protected] 

word file/ pdf file / pp file/ picture file of Project/Presentation/activities/any other Ramadan activity Report.


Go to the Registration Page 

To submit ‘Littile Sadaqa Colletion in Ramadan ’ report

CLICK BLUE BUTTON ‘Kindness’ in the row for Ramadan Challenge

  •  and fill-up the forms at the end of month of Ramadan