Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Assalamu Alaikum!

Ramadan is a vital time for Muslims. It’s a month of blessings and rewards from our Lord, Allah- the All-mighty.  But for our children in North America days and nights of Ramadan might be like other days and nights of the year unless we make any extra efforts.  They can hardly feel the “Ramadan’ as they are busy as usual in school and homework. This is natural from our kids when we want to keep them within the boundaries of Islam and not giving them any Islamic alternatives. To make ‘Ramadan’ significant for them we as parents/teachers should make special efforts and plan. This only requires a small amount of creative thinking and even less effort to organize. Children are highly impressionably and intelligent individuals. Their energy and creativity need to be nurtured and stimulated during all waking hours.

“MuslimVille Islamic Competitions’ are designed for children to keep them busy with Islamic activities and expanding their Islamic knowledge throughout the years specially in the month of Ramadan and Summer Vacation.

First organized in Toronto (Canada) in 2002 MuslimVille Competitions have now drawn attention of participants from all over the world. The Competitions are offered online.

MuslimVille is asking your help to Spread the Word.

We ask you to encourage children of your family and friends to participate in these competitions and at the same time make sure to let people know that you’re with us to promote this unique program. You’ll inspire others, start important conversations, and shine a much-needed spotlight on the importance of encouraging our children active in Ramadan and beyond.

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  • Organize the competitions in your school, mosque or community: contact [email protected] .com



Masud Ali,

President, MuslimVille Education Center