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MuslimVille Education Center is a registered non-profit organization in Canada.  We are  dedicated to Muslim youth and childrens of all ages. We have one goal, and that is to please Allah, and no one else. We plan to help youths and children of the Muslim world to build an ideal Community, and help them to come closer to Allah.

In the year 2002 ‘MuslimVille Education Center’ introduced Ramadan Competitions for children of the Greater Toronto Area. Since then we have been organizing this competition every year and currently designed the program online in such way that children from different cities and towns from all over the world can participate in this unique Islamic educational program.

Over the years we have added some new programs, introduced more prizes for each programs and also make changes in the programs to suit the changing world of parenting.

This year MuslimVille is Introducing following Competitions 

Al-Quran Recitation Competition


Register and Submit

‘Facebook live’ or ‘YouTube live’ video
Anytime between 24th April to 31st May, 2020

Ramadan Challenge Competition

This program includes following activities in the month of Ramadan:

Spending  a TV-off/Screen-free week / Keeping record of all your Islamic Activities / Reading Quran and Islamic books / Doing some Islamic projects


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Submit Ramadan Activities Reports Online by 31st May, 2020

Islamic Knowledge Competition

Online Quiz (Age 8 to 13): The Test is a random set of questions in form of ‘Multiple choices’..

Verbal (All ages): Participants will be given a phone number to connect the automated verbal test system.


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Verbal and Online Test will be starting from 
24th December, 8 AM and will end 25th December, 24 PM

Little Sadaqa Campaign

A Kindness Campaign by the Children for the Children 

From Ramadan to Zul-Hajj 2020

Donations collected by children are being used to provide support to 100 orphans around the world.

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Submit Online Report


What the Parents of Participants Have To Do?

Parents’ are responsible for maintaining and submission of reports  by deadline.

This will help judges of the competitions in evaluating kid’s participation.

After registaring your child go to ‘Registartion Page’  again for ‘Submiting Reports Online’.

Ramadan Challenge


Submit Online Reports by 31st May, 2020

1. Submit following Reports and fill-up the forms DAILYCLICK following BLUE BUTTONS for Activity Report (20 points) / Activity Calendar (20 points) / Reading (20 points)

2. Submit Smart Cool Week (20 points) Report: fill-up the form DAILY for the week of your choice in the month of Ramadan (7 days):

3. Submit Little Sponsor Report (10 bonus point for report of Ramadan collection only): fill-up the form at the end of Ramadan.

4. Submit Ramadan Projects (20 points)

Upload the Project in Google Drive,  ensure your google drive links are is publically accessable. Go to the Registration Page . Click BLUE BUTTON Project. Enter the Google Drive Link in the form.

Participents can email us:  Take a picture of your Project /Presentation /activities/any other Ramadan activity  and send picture(s) to us via email [email protected])You can send Powerpoint /Word file / pdf file.

Don’t forget to click Save button.

Al-Quran Recitation Competition

Make a ‘Facebook Live Video’ or ‘Upload Recitation Video in YouTube’

Make sure the description of  the video must have Hashtag #muslimvillecompetition19, participant’s full name and Registration # starting with QC2020 (Example: If the ‘Registration Number’ is QC2020310, then enter in full QC2020310).

Submit recitation

Anytime between 24th April to 31st May, 2020


CLICK ‘QURAN’ button.

  • Please do not send us video through email. It is hard for us to download.
  • Please ensure to submit the correct video link with required information. No requests for changing the link that is submitted initially will be entertained.

Don’t forget to click Save button.


Islamic Knowledge Competition

Final Verbal & Online Test In December 2000

Dates Will be Annouced Soon

Verbal Test (All ages): Over the Phone


You will be given a phone number to connect to the automated verbal test system. Call the number between the above mentioned time. 

Online Quiz (Age 8 to 13)

Check your Internet browser for Online Test before the test. On-line Written Test requires Firefox/Chrome & Flash Player.

Click ‘Start Test’.

Participant can start any time but must finish within 2 hour of the start time.

The Test is a random set of questions in form of ‘Multiple choices’ and ‘True/False’ based on following

 Study notes.


Little Sadaqa Campaign

From Ramadan to Zul-Hajj

The campaign will from Ramadan and will end in Zul-Hajj. At the end of each month of count the collected funds and submit the Little Sadaqa Report Form.

In the Month of Ramadan Submit Your Campaign Report of  Ramadan & Get 10 Bonus Point against “Ramadan Challenge Competition

CLICK BLUE BUTTON  ‘Sponsor’ and fill-up the forms at the end of each month from Ramadan to Zul-hajj.

Don’t forget to click Save button.

Pay the collected money online or Send a cheque by mail to MuslimVille, 66 Commodore Drive, Brampton Ontario, L6X 0S6, Canada  When sending cheque do not forget to write “Little Sadaqa” as memo.

Don’t forget to click Save button.

Order A Donation Box 

Donate Online

We need your support as a parent/teacher

Encourage and help your children to participate in Competitions.

We know children will like those programs. But the main initiative should start from you, the Muslim Parents.

  • Discuss with your children about the significant of Islam and Ramadan in our life.
  • Plan ahead for the month of Ramadan.
  • Encourage to participate in Competitions.
  • We tried to explain details about our programs in our web pages. Please read in details and explains to your children.
  • If you need any help call us at 416 303 2457 / 647 631 3264 or e-mail at [email protected] .com
  • We need your feedbacks.

MuslimVille is asking your help to Spread the Word.

We ask you to encourage children of your family and friends to participate in these competitions and at the same time make sure to let people know that you’re with us to promote this unique program. You’ll inspire others, start important conversations, and shine a much-needed spotlight on the importance of encouraging our children active in Ramadan and beyond.

  • Forward our emails to your friends and family
  • If you are active in social media: Make Post and tweets with Hashtag #muslimvillecompetition
  • Visit our Facebook: Share our posts.
  • Organize the competitions in your school, mosque or community: contact [email protected] .com