Little Sadaqa Campaign

Campaign Update 2018: 

Money collected will be used to

Support 100 Orphans in 2019

Appreciation Prize


Top Fundraiser will get  Gift Certificate for Islamic Items $200 

Little Sadaqa Campaign 2019

A Kindness Campaign by the Children for the Children 

A Nobel program for the children to encourage caring for others. 

Campaign Will Start from Ramadan and End in Zul-Hajj 2019

  • Collect Donation for Poor and Needy.

  • Easy to participate from anywhere of world.

  • Send Money and Submit Report 

  • Win appreciation Prize!

  • Results: 3rd October, 2019, Insh-Allah

Let Your Family be Part of This Noble Campaign 

Donations collected by children are being used to provide food, shelter, healthcare, education and emotional support to 100 orphans around the world, Insha-Allah!

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How to participate

  • WinnersMake your own donation box or order “My LittleSadaqa Box” online from to store the collected funds.
  • The campaign will end in Zul-Hajj. Kids can join any time before Zul-Hajj. Start collecting money from today from your own pocket.
  • Keep your donation box in a place where everyone can see it and be reminded to contribute.
  • Tell visitors to your home about the program and ask them to donate.
  • The campaign has started from Ramadan and will end in Zul-Hajj. At the end of each month of count the collected funds and submit the Little Sadaqa Report Form online. 
  • Note: For your collection in the Ramadan you will get bonus point 20 against ‘Ramadan Challenge Copetition’

Submit Reports.

Winners List 2018

Top Fundraiser

Little Sadaqa Team, Edmonton, Canada

(Raahil Rashed, Sumehra Rashed, Yehia Ismail, Yasin Ismail, Tasneem Ismail, Ahnaf Muhammad Yahia, Arowa Mim Yahia, Akif Muhammad Yahia & Mashdee Abrar)

Special Prize

Hamna Muhammad & Isa Muhammad Scarborough, Canada

Sukaynah Zaheed, Fakaiha Zaheed & Faraiha Zaheed Cambridge, Canada

Isma Ai Brampton, Canada

Isa Muhammd & Hamna Muhammad Toronto, Canada

Amatur Rahman and Muhammad Abdur Rahman Toronto, Canada

Rida Ali & Sheza Ali USA

Aadil Khan, Auckland New Zealand

Yusuf Ali, Mariam Ali & Fatima Ali Brampton, Canada

Ibrahim Mustafiz & Hamza MustafizBrampton, Canada