When A Child Does A Kind Act!

When a child does a kind act they discover something special about themselves. Kindness is a path to feeling good about yourself, others, and the world around you.

Acts of kindness, big or small, make the giver, receiver, and even lucky bystanders happier.

When we teach a child how to do a kind act, we are giving them a powerful tool for well-being.

How to participate in ‘Matched Donation’ Program 

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Matched donation are about encouraging our children for kindness and appreciating their good works. 

  • Kids can join any time.
  • Make a donation box of your own or order for ‘Little Sadaqa Box’ online (Free within Canada and USA) A minimum donation of $5 as postage charge is appreciable.
  • Keep your donation box in a place where everyone can see it and be reminded to contribute. Tell visitors to your home about the program and ask them to donate.
  • Pay the collected money online  Or send a cheque by mail to MuslimVille, 66 Commodore Drive, Brampton Ontario, L6X 0S6, Canada  When sending cheque do not forget to write “Little Sadaqa” as memo.

We Are Pleased to Announce

Top Fundraisers of

Little Sadaqa Campaign 2019

A Kindness Campaign by the Children for the Children

From Ramadan to Zul-Hajj 2019

Top Fundraiser During Ramadan:

Hamna Muhammad &

Isa Muhammad

Top Fundraiser Post-Ramadan Months: 

Isma Ali

Jazaka-Allah to all participating families and our little fundraisers.

MuslimVille is announcing a ‘Matched Donation’ program for your kids. 

With a matched donation your child’s donation will be matched with a donation by one of MuslimVille donors and this way it will help more children in needs.

Bags for Orphans


Kid Donate Our Donation Ratio Total Value
15 10 3:2 $25 CDN Per school bag

Sponsor An Orphan

Kid Donate Our Donation Ratio Total Value
20 10 2:1

$30 CDN (1 month)

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bosnia, India, Kashmir, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka

30 15 3:1 $45 CDN (1 month) East Africa, Kenya, Somalia
30 20 3:2 $50 CDN (1 month) Rohingya
40 20 2:1 $60 CDN (1 month) Indonesia, Iraq, Palestine, Syria
240 120 2:1 $360 CDN (1 year) Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bosnia, India, Kashmir, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka


Winners List 2018

Top Fundraiser

Little Sadaqa Team, Edmonton, Canada

(Raahil Rashed, Sumehra Rashed, Yehia Ismail, Yasin Ismail, Tasneem Ismail, Ahnaf Muhammad Yahia, Arowa Mim Yahia, Akif Muhammad Yahia & Mashdee Abrar)

Special Prize

Hamna Muhammad & Isa Muhammad Scarborough, Canada

Sukaynah Zaheed, Fakaiha Zaheed & Faraiha Zaheed Cambridge, Canada

Isma Ai Brampton, Canada

Isa Muhammd & Hamna Muhammad Toronto, Canada

Amatur Rahman and Muhammad Abdur Rahman Toronto, Canada

Rida Ali & Sheza Ali USA

Aadil Khan, Auckland New Zealand

Yusuf Ali, Mariam Ali & Fatima Ali Brampton, Canada

Ibrahim Mustafiz & Hamza MustafizBrampton, Canada

Little Sadaqa Campaign 2018 Update 

Donations collected by children are being used to provide food, shelter, healthcare, education and emotional support to 100 orphans around the world.