Islamic Knowledge Competition 2018


Test to be started at 18th August, 8 AM and will end at 19th August , 24 PM

Eastern Standard Time



List of Winners

Grand Prize

Group A & B

Fathima Nabihah Rafeek United Kingdom

Group C, D & E

Maryam Panchbhaya Canada

Special  Prize

Group A

Faatimah-Zahra Adesope United Kingdom

M.F Muhammad Sri Lanka

Group B

Aiezah Fahad Canada

Group C:

Samirul Huq Canada

Group D

Jawwad Ahmed Canada

Group E

Fakaiha Zaheed Canada

Study Notes

Participants should study from the Study Notes. 

The study notes are customized for participants’ age.

(For the “Study Notes” see below or in the menu at the top)

Click for Study Notes

Group A, age 5 & below

Group B, age 6 & 7

Group C, age 8 & 9

Group D, age 10 and 11

Group E, age 12 and 13


Preparation for Test

1 to 2 September, 2018

Participants can go for verbal test over phone and/or online test any time between 1st Sept.8 AM and  2nd Sept., 24 PM

(Toronto Local time, EST – Eastern Standard Time)

Go to Members Area before the test begin.

(Login should be same as used for registration, means Facebook or Google) 

Grand Prizes

Group A & B: 

Gift Certificates for Islamic Items: $100

Group C, D & E: 

Gift Certificates for Islamic Items: $200