Study Notes: Group A (Age 5 & under)

(age calculated based on 1st Ramadan)

Theme of study:


Recitation from memory


Surah Fatiha and Kalima Tayyibah (Compulsory):

 Kalima Tayyibah:



(Will be asked to recite randomly 2 from the following surah):

An-Nas, Al-Kawsar, Al-Ikhlas; Al-Asr

Go to Al-Quran Recitation Center

Recitation- Zikr (remembering Allah all the time):
(Parents/Teacher: teach the participants to memorize the Zikr & the occasions. The meanings are for understanding only. Participants will be asked to say randomly from the following Zikr)
Bismillah In the name of Allah
We say this when we begin something. eg. Before reciting the Quran, eating, getting into a car, etc.
Alhamdulillah Praise be to Allah
We say it to thank Allah. We also say it when we sneeze.
Yarhamuka-Allah May Allah blesses you
We say it when we hear someone sneeze.
Assalamu Alaikum Peace be on you
We say it when meeting a Muslim.

Walaikum Assalam Peace be on you too
We say it in reply of Assalamu Alaikum
Insha’-Allah If Allah wishes
We say it when hoping to do something in the future or make a promise.
Rabbi Zidni Ilma Oh Lord, increase our knowledge

We say it for our knowledge

Islamic Quiz

(Will be asked to answer 5 questions randomly from the following)

A long, long time ago, before people, before dinosaurs, before the earth, what was there?


What are some creations of Allah(swt) before man?

The earth, Jinns and Angels.

Allah created man. Who was the first man?


Allah made a woman. who was she?


Who made us? 
Allah made us.
Who is Allah? 
Allah is our creator. He is the creator of everything.
Does Allah have a father or a mother?
No, Allah has no father or mother.
Does Allah have any sons or daughters? 
No, Allah has no sons or daughters
Can you hide anything from Allah?
No. Allah knows everything and can see everything we do.
Can you name at least 3 other names of Allah?
Some names of Allah: As-Samad, Ar-Rahman, Ar-Rahim, Ar-Razzak, Al-Qayyum, Al-Quddus.
Name some Prophets of Allah. (You have to know at least 5 names)

Prophets of Allah are Adam(A) Idris(A), Nuh(A), Hud(A), Salih(A), Ibrahim(A), Isma’il(A), Ishaq(A), Lut(A), Ya’qub(A), Yusuf(A), Shu’aib(A), Ayyub(A), Musa(A), Dhul-kifl(A), Dawud(A), Sulaiman(A), Ilias(A), Al-Yasa(A), Yunus(A), Zakariyya(A), Yahya(A), Isa(A) & Muhammad (s).

Who is the first Prophet?

Adam (A) is the first Prophet.

Who is the last Prophet?

Muhammad (S) is the last Prophet of Allah.

What you have to say after the name of Prophet Muhammad?

We have to say Sallallahu alaihi Wasalam after the name of Prophet Muhammad.

What you have to say after the name of Prophets:

We have to say Alaihis salam after the name of other Prophets.

In this guide book we have used: (S) = Sallallahu alaihi Wasalam and (A) = Alaihis salam

Who is our Prophet? 

Muhammad (S) is our Prophet.

Who was the Mother of Muhammad (s)? 


Who was the father of Muhammad (s)? 

What are the names of the 5 daily Prayers?

 Fajr, Zuhr. Asr, Magrib and Isha.

Questions on Wudu (ablution) and Salah

Learn the steps of performing Wudu (ablution) and Salah

(Will be asked to answer steps of Wudu (ablution) and Salah)

Guide for Parents and Teachers

Teach the participants to memorize the Zikr & the occasions.

  • The meanings are for understanding only. Participants will be asked to say randomly ‘what to say when’

Discuss with your kids:

  • Basic knowledge about Allah, our creator.
  • Why and how Adam (A) was created.
  • About Iblees and the reason he did not bow down to Adam (A).
  • Take a trip through the woods, a garden, or your own backyard and stop and study the beautiful creations of Allah. Discuss that the earth is beautiful, but paradise is far more beautiful than the earth.
  • Ask the child to imagine the beauty of paradise. Have the child draw or paint of picture depicting how they imagine the Garden of paradise may have looked.
  • Review Prophet Adam’s (S) story focusing on his message, his life in Paradise, creation of Hawa, eating from the forbidden tree, sent to Earth.
  • The early boyhood of Prophet Muhammad (S)
  • Listen to The Creator song on Muslim Kids Songs or visit: Muslim Kids Songs

Discuss the importance Salah:

Give the kids specific words/phrases to help them to verbalize their prayers. Practice this throughout the Ramadan.

Example: Words/phrases of Salat

Allahuu Akbar: ALLAH is Most Great.

A’oozu Billaahi Minash Shaietaa-nir Rajeem: I seek refuge with ALLAH from the accursed devil.

Bismillahi-(a)r-Rahmani-(a)r-Rhahim: In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful.

Subhaana Rabbiyal Azeem: I am narrating the Glory of my GREAT PROTECTOR.

Saami ‘Allahu Liman Hamedah: ALLAH listens to him who Praises HIM.

Subhaana Rabbiyal ‘Alaa: I am declaring the Glory of my OWNER, the MOST HIGH.


Verbal Test on 18th August and 19th August, 2018


Participants will be will be given a phone number to connect the automated verbal test system.

Call the number on competition date .

Verbal test will take 15 to 20 minutes for each participant.

The verbal test is a random set of questions and recitations from the Study Notes (see above)

Verbal Test will star at Test will started at 18 August, 8 AM and will end at 19 August, 24 PM 

(Toronto Local time, EST – Eastern Standard Time)

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Get Prepared before the Test. Go to Members Area before the test begin. (Login should be same as used for registration, means Facebook or Google) Remember the Test will be active on time mentioned above.

Once ready Go to Members Area Click ‘Start Test’. You will be given a phone number to connect to the automated verbal test system. Call the number between the above mentioned time. You will be asked to enter ‘Registration Number’, please enter the number after ‘MV2018’ to start the test. (Example: If your ‘Registration Number’ is MV20189999, you have to enter ‘9999’ only).

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