Al-Quran Recitation Competition

Online Qiraat Competition for Children

Open to children up to 13 year’s old in 5 age-groups

Connecting our kids with the Holy Quran.

Encouraging to develop the talent of the Holy Quran recitation.

Register and participate online from anywhere of the world.


Submit a ‘Facebook live’ or ‘YouTube live’ video.

Submission of Recitation: Anytime before 18th August 2017

Results: 31st August, Insh-Allah, 2017

Group Details

Age calculation is based on 1st Ramadan, 2017

Group A: Age 5 and below; Group B: Age 6 & 7; Group C: Age 8 & 9; Group D: Age 10 & 11; Group E: Age 12 & 13

Terms & Conditions
  • Participant must have parental permission to participate in the competition and he/she must not be more than 13 years old. (Muslimville deserve the right to ask the participant to show his/her age proof)
  • Participant can recite from any verse(s) from the Holy Quran.
  • Results of the Competition will be communicated by email to winners and posting in
  • Each Quran Recitation will be assessed by 3 judges and a score will be awarded out of total 100 points. Judges will consider mostly the basics of Tajweed Rules and age of the participants.
  • Participant can request for feedback from judges (who are experts in the field of Quran Recitation), This will give them the right pointers to develop their inborn talent. A minimum donation of $10 is expected to maintain the cost of communications.
  • Any complaints related to the competition will be addressed according to the discretion of Muslimville.
  • MuslimVille reserves the right to use the rendition as it deems fit.
  • Anybody from anywhere in the world can participate.
  • For more info please write to [email protected]


How to Submit Recitation?

  • Step 1: Registration 

    Registration to be done by parents or teachers.  

    Registration is completely free and participants can participate from anywhere around the world.

    Step 2: Making Video

    Make a ‘Facebook Live Video’ or ‘Upload Recitation Video in YouTube’ and submit the link.

    While recording the video, make sure the description of  the video has the followings information and Hashtag.

    • Hashtag #ramadancompetition
    • The participants Registration # starting with MV17 (Example: If the ‘Registration Number’ is MV171910, then enter in full MV171910).
    • The participant’s full name
    Step 3: Submission for competition

    Go go to ‘Members Area’ in our web page after registration. So register first.

    After you registered your kid(s), log in again the same way you registered your kid(s), (Means “Log in with Facebook” or “Log in with Google”)  (Contact us at [email protected] if you have any problem).

    Click “Submit Recitation” button.

    • Please do not send us video through email. It is hard for us to download. 
    • Please ensure to submit the correct video link with required information. No requests for changing the link that is submitted initially will be entertained.
    • Multiple Quran Recitations video will be considered as separate entries and Muslimville may ask a re-enrollment fee per entry.